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Merlin 10-14-2010 09:29 PM

Pictures of me. Opinions appreciated.
I'm 22. I have a 'chubby' face even though I am very thin in the body. I hate how young it makes me look. People sometimes mistake me for a 12 year old. I was thinking about getting facial liposuction but now I'm thinking maybe I want to go with cheek implants instead. These are some recent pictures of me. The two things I want to get done first are cheek implants and my upper lip plumped slightly to match the fuller lower lip. What do you think?

robyne00 11-06-2010 02:29 PM

I can see your desire for cheek implants for definition purposes only. You already have the fullness.

I would leave the lips alone. They look pouty and full as they are, although it is ultimately your decision. :)

Mr. Z 11-17-2010 02:22 AM

The fullness in your cheeks at age 22 is a great thing to have. Down the road you will be happy for it because that will thin out with age. I think you look great and cheek implants would look artificial on you.

It is natural for many to have a fuller lower lip and I think it looks better on females. Don't worry about that.

WoFat 01-17-2011 03:40 AM

I think you're a very pretty young lady and I agree with the others don't alter your cheeks. Looking young is an advantage. Think about this: if you end up looking old (say you go from looking 12 to looking 32) when you're 40 you will look 50! It's not worth it. Wait a few years. Believe me you'll thank us when you're 40 and you barely look 25! :)

However if you're dead set on getting it done (and again I encourage you to stay your pretty self) I would discourage from getting the implants, they will make you look artificial and bloated. My suggestions, here they are but run them by a few doctors, to make sure. Better yet tell them what look you desire. If you don't know how you want to look, you'll wake up unsure if you like what you see.

Your best bet would be minimal lower cheek lipo. 1 surgery. I imagine this would create the definition you seek and still leave you looking natural. Maybe some along the jawline as well. If after you heal you need more definition then small size cheekbone implants in a 2nd surgery.

Leave your lips alone you look natural now. Lip asymetry is typical. Look at vintage pix of Farrah Fawcett. Her bottom lip was larger than her top. If you're dead set on trying some plastic surgery I would go with a nose tip job to refine the roundness a little but don't touch the nostrils. Have you had your bridge done ever? It looks very straight to be natural.

Whatever you decide I wish you good luck and post some photos if you have anything done.

Cosmetic Surgeon Houston 04-22-2011 01:14 AM

I really don't see you needing cheek implants or anything on your lips. Your lips are full and your cheeks are full too. So many of my patients are getting procedures done to look more like you!

Audaciouspatient 04-22-2011 02:52 PM

Hey there, I see what you mean about your face having more volume on the bottom. I have cheek implants myself and can see how they would benifit you. For starters the lower face lipo, followed by cheek implants, it will not make you look to old, just diffrent. Look under your eyes.. see how flat they are as you age this gets flater and longer thus ageing you (this was my problem, I am 37) you are pritty however and have to ask yourself if you want to look diffrent. go to a good Dr. or two and listen to what advice they have to give.

alfalfa 01-25-2012 12:38 AM

I don't see it as a disadvantage on your part. Many people would like to have a young looking face than the opposite. You do look young but you don't look like a kiddo. You are very pretty as I see it. Just live it as is. You'll be thankful of it when you get older :)

balim 01-27-2012 05:45 PM

I think cheek implants will give you more fullness. Have you been to a professional consultation? Stay looking young!

Morroue 05-13-2013 12:07 AM

Cheek implants?
I feel like my face need definition it's kind of flat opinions would be appreciated I don't want to look perfect just better then I already do

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