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robyne00 01-01-2010 09:22 AM

Top 10 Celeb Botched PS Slideshow
This slide show highlights the misguided and unsettling changes that cosmetic medicine produced in a : Life Photo

la_angel 01-01-2010 07:19 PM

Why is MJ not on this list? I don't care if he just died, no top 10 list is complete without him :p

Also, I didn't see Joan Rivers on this slideshow!

robyne00 01-01-2010 07:30 PM

Here's another good link, with MJ (just for you la_angel!).

The 15 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters You Will Ever See : Top Socialite

Some are repeats, some new.

FYI, Tara Reid supposedly had corrective surgery (still majorly Photoshopped in the recent Playboy spread), Posh got her implants out (smaller size perhaps?), Hillary Duff corrected those horselike veneers, and Wildenstein has gotten more procedures since the pic provided.

robyne00 01-01-2010 07:31 PM

Oh and here's a good before and after of Joan Rivers:

JamesDean 01-05-2010 01:42 AM

Almost every celebrity f**** themselves up with plastic surgery if they stick around long enough. They would be better off sticking to their natural faces instead of freaking out over a wrinkle. There are a lot worse pics of Lil Kim then the one in the top 15 link. I heard she got straight up silicone injected in her face. YUCK!

la_angel 01-05-2010 06:45 PM

Thanks, Robyne. You just can't have a worst celebrity plastic surgery list without MJ ;)

Tara Reid was such a pretty girl, it's unfortunate she had bad surgery. What has she been up to lately anyway?

robyne00 01-05-2010 07:01 PM

From my Sources in "Perez-land" and the like lol, she had a short stint in rehab, then enjoyed herself thoroughly at Oktoberfest, and recently did a highly photoshopped Playboy spread (where she said she was happy with her body).

la_angel 01-09-2010 06:54 PM

What a fulfilling life she lives now! ;)

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