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la_angel 12-09-2009 02:04 PM

Ashton Kutcher nose job (pictures)
Has Ashton Kutcher has a nose job? Well it was hard to find this picture (his reps probably want to keep a tight lid on these things) and surprisingly I tried all sorts of search terms and could find pictures of him being "young," "teen," "highschool," "yearbook" etc. There was one yearbook photo but it was of him when he was very young and too small and blurry to be of any use. I believe Ashton has had two nose jobs. Take a look at this picture of him working as a model...

Then take a look at these photos a few years later. Notice the asymmetrical tip deformity? That is not a natural phenomenon from my experience. It is a textbook example of what happens when the nasal domes are stitched together (to narrow the tip) and it doesn't heal as planned.

Therefore I have to conclude that the Ashton Kutcher nose job story is almost certainly true. My guess is he has had at least two operations; one in high school and a second one later on.

robyne00 12-09-2009 05:48 PM

Definitely two nose jobs. Excellent assessment.

c2it 12-11-2009 05:46 PM

I think Ashton Kutcher has had more plastic surgery than that! It looks like he has a chin implant or injections in his chin a few years ago! BUT WITHOUT A DOUBT THE ASHTON KUTCHER NOSE JOB IS PROBABLY TRUE!

la_angel 12-12-2009 05:01 PM

Ashton may have even had a third (but minor) rhinoplasty. I remember between the first and second season of Punk'd there was a long hiatus and he looked drastically different. The bone structure on his face looked more chiseled (and yes, the chin being one of those changes) and it was not the result of weight loss, I know how to spot the difference. Those things are harder to prove but I feel Ashton Kutcher's nose job (at the very least, one operation) is more cut and dry based on the before and after pictures I posted.

hwoodgrl 12-14-2009 01:48 PM

Oh yeah he has had big time work done!

Hot people are never that way naturally there is always something they upgraded.

he's still hot! I would get freaky with Ashton Kutcher anyway!!

robyne00 12-14-2009 06:08 PM


Originally Posted by hwoodgrl (Post 3744)
Oh yeah he has had big time work done!

Hot people are never that way naturally there is always something they upgraded.

he's still hot! I would get freaky with Ashton Kutcher anyway!!

I like your last comment, but have to disagree ... hot people can be extremely good looking naturally. It's just getting more and more rare as time passes and more surgeries become available. If you watch a lot of the classic films, the men and women HAD TO be stunning as well as decent actors and actresses, or they wouldn't get the part. Obviously, a few of these early leading ladies and gents had plastic surgery (i.e.: Marilyn Monroe's nose job for one), but most just slathered on the makeup and went to work.

What irks me is when an attractive individual enters the public eye and has to improve. And improve. AND improve upon their appearance. Eventually they resemble nothing close to their original visage. Or they develop Body Dysmorphic Disorder and keep changing everything, to no benefit of their own. Downward spiral if you ask me.

I think Kutcher is cute, but overrated.

JamesDean 01-05-2010 01:52 AM

Ashton has a twin brother named Michael Kutcher you can compare him to. Michael has cerebral palsy though so it's no help in telling if Ashton had plastic surgery.

robyne00 01-05-2010 02:43 PM

Flat facial features are a common sign of CP, as Kutcher's twin demonstrates. No, it's not a good comparison, unfortunately.

la_angel 01-05-2010 06:22 PM

I've never heard Ashton discuss his twin in interviews or anything. You would think he would mention his own brother at least once in a while :confused:

badnj 04-01-2010 07:35 PM

WHoever did Ashton Kutcher's nose job I would very much like to know. It is not a perfect nose but I think it is very masculine and an improvement. I like how his surgeon didn't chop down the bridge too much. The biggest problem with male rhinoplasty is they cut away too much on the sides of the bridge and take away the masculinity. This is a good one and I would be happy with it on myself.

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