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c2it 12-02-2009 07:50 PM

Fergie plastic surgery + nose job *unbelievable pictures*
Look at the Fergie plastic surgery before and after pictures and I wanna know what has she not gotten done yet?!! I know she must of had an eye lift and botox.

What an ugly duckling! Then look at this Fergie nose job pic!!!! Her plastic surgeon did a good rhinoplasty but a bad job with the eyes. I think her music is o.k. but she looks fake plastic to me. She looks older then her actual age and she is going to looked *weathered* in a few years when she gets older Fergie's face cannot take anymore plastic surgery!

robyne00 12-02-2009 08:25 PM

Don't forget, the girl had to get some plastic surgery. She was doing crystal meth for an extended amount of time. Her skin was absolutely destroyed from drugs. She has gotten blepharostophy, various fillers to the face, cheeks, and lips, rhinoplasty, as well as breast implants etc. I think she looks fabulous now.

la_angel 12-03-2009 02:10 PM

Yes I have heard that she allegedly did crystal meth to and messed up her skin pretty badly. If that is the case you can't blame Fergie for getting her act together and wanting to correct her appearance. Going from an alleged drug addict to an A-list celebrity is a big deal and I applaud her for it.

I like the bridge of her nose post-op, that's how I would want mine to look. Yes her face does look a little rough but, again, you need to take into account where she's coming from. It is obvious she has had a great deal of work done. With all the Fergie plastic surgery talk out there I would be curious to know if she has ever addressed the topic in an interview.

robyne00 12-03-2009 04:26 PM

I like the last picture of her posted above, on the right. She looks gorgeous in my opinion.

I don't think she's admitted to her surgeries, but this link has info about what she probably had done:
Plastic Surgery Photos: Fergie Plastic Surgery

Here's another link describing how she softened her hardened "meth look":
Fergie is less scary looking - Awful Plastic Surgery, trout pout, ugly breast implants

robyne00 12-09-2009 05:50 PM

More "Fergalicious" improvements: Blog Archive Facial Fillers For Fergie

marrydavidson101 04-20-2010 09:54 PM

I really think that surgeries seem to be as normal for the stars as say their personal trainers, personal chefs... etc. These people do not look as amazing as they do without 3 THINGS: 1: good genetics, 2: money 3: a staff of people to maintain what God has given them as they age.

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