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c2it 10-17-2009 02:28 AM

Holly Madison plastic surgery - from plain jane to playmate!
This Holly Madison plastic surgery before and after photo shows how an American girl can go from being a plain Jane to a Playbog playmate! I'm not saying she was ugly before that would be a lie and she probably looks better than me even in the before photo but she was far from being model quality.

I think this is one of the biggest transformations I've seen. The Holly Madison nose job story has been circulating forever and that is not new news. She publicly has admitted to that and in an interview she did with life and style magazine she even said that the surgery gave her opportunities she wouldn't normally had otherwise.

Out of all the girls next door I liked her the best she seems like she actually has half a brain. :haha: Because of that I don't want to knock her too bad but she was by no means hot in the before pic. Look at how amazing she looks now it is like night and day.

What I found interesting in the tabloid interview she did about this was she said that she didn't get her boob job until after she moved in with Hugh hefner in 2003. Then my question is how did she pay for the nose job and was that done before she moved in with him? That's a surgery that would cost more than a boob job.

la_angel 10-17-2009 12:51 PM

She looks like an old woman in the before pic! She also had like no eye brows. I wonder if those are all penciled in or if she got them tattooed with permanent makeup? Another thing I noticed is that her hair is very thin and frail and doesn't have much body to it like it does today. She must have either extensions or a weave going on there.

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