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la_angel 09-13-2009 11:06 PM

Celebrity Plastic Surgeons
Which plastic surgeons are world famous for transforming celebrity faces and bodies? Some are notorious in a bad way (think MJ's doctor) and others are well known for giving very subtle cosmetic surgery results. In fact the best doctors are those that you don't even recognize their work because it is so subtle so the general public doesn't really notice the changes.

Then there's people like Ashlee Simpson who had great results but they are obviously noticeable. But the truth of the matter is that was her choice. She initially had a first rhinoplasty in which hardly anyone noticed and she liked it so much shortly after she decided to have a second nose job and allegedly told the doctor she wanted to go all out and didn't care if the change was drastic because she just wanted to look her best.

So we should make a list here of the top docs that cater to the rich and famous. I'll start.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeons
  • Dr. Raj Kanodia - he did Ashlee S. and Ashley Tisdale. He also did Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston (her most recent nose job, I don't think he did her original operations).

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