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lookalike 02-24-2008 08:06 PM

Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana nose job...
I just saw Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana on the oscars presenting and am curious how long it will be until she succumbs to the pressures of Hollywood (whether it be conscious or not) and gets rhinoplasty. She already has lost a lot of weight and it is not just growing up so she obviously is trying. Don't get me wrong, it looks GREAT and she looks so much better, BUT with her new physique and more chiseled face, I bet she will get her tip refined and maybe even her bridge bumped out. She is cute, BUT her tip is quite bulby and doesn't flatter her face at all. Seems like most girls in the business get a nose job around her age- Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson, Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff, and the list goes on. Just pray that sweet Miley would not fall into the same trap as Ashlee Plastic Simpson. No need to go to the factory and come out with a new face!

jujubu 02-24-2008 08:53 PM

Miley Cyrus doesn't seem like the type to get plastic surgery or a nose job or what not. She seems very real and down to earth. But then again, as she gets bigger and bigger, who knows. I hope she doesn't change a thing because everyone already knows what she looks like and it just isn't a good message to all her fans. Everyone loves her even with her nose how it is, not that it is really bad. It is refreshing to see a more normal girl have her popularity. It's a great message to send.

auntie 02-25-2008 12:33 AM

her nose doesn't bug me really. something about miley cyrus's teeth seems off, like she need veneers or like she has bad veneers that are making her teeth seem horsey. she is a pretty girl though but doesn't come across as particularly refined looking. but just an all around bubbly cute normal girl who can't even really sing great. hand it to disney for their work.

prettything 02-26-2008 01:29 AM

I gave Miley Cyrus a nose job and then the ASLEE SIMPSON works!
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OMG you are totally right!! She would look better with a nose job!! I never thought about it cause sometimes you look at someone as ok or pretty cute, BUT when you then see what could be done, it makes the old them just pretty blah. I used adobe photoshop and gave Miley Cyrus just a nose job; as you pointed out, this teen pop star's tip is QUITE bulbous and the bridge is kinda awkward and narrow. Instead, I gave her the desired stream line nose by bumping out the bridge and refining the tip so it wouldn't be a balloon.

Next I did a photo where I gave her the Ashlee Simpson supreme works!!! And wow, she looks GREAT here and it is indeed all doable!! She kinda looks like Carmen Electra after!!! In this photo, on top of the nose, I fixed her hill billy teeth and gave her "veneers." I also shaved her pointy chin down. Next, like Ashlee, I raised her brow so she would have a better more feminine arch to them. (and NO good plucking would NOT accomplish this as Ashlee Simpson had tried to say!) Anyway, the end result is a much improved Miley Cyrus. How long until she actually does this?? AT LEAST she should do her nose and teeth!!

muwe 02-26-2008 10:22 AM

be nice! shes only like 16 for crying out loud!

chattycathy 02-26-2008 11:33 AM

wow hannah montana looks great with her nose done! stunning actually! good work!

meredith1955 02-26-2008 12:08 PM

You should work for a plastic surgeon, prettything!! You made a slightly average girl look like a ten! She is only 16 or so but she chose to be in the business she is in.

jujubu 02-26-2008 12:35 PM

What a Miley Cyrus BEFORE AND AFTER NOSE JOB would look like!!
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i really like the work you did and so i took it upon myself to use what you did to draft a mock up of what the before and after shots would look like if they were in a tabloid paired together. you can see the change much better this way. i wonder if she would actually take this picture to her surgeon? it would save him some work.

mrsdoubtfire 02-27-2008 02:19 PM

:Angry::Angry::Angry::Angry::Angry::Angry::Angry: :Angry:

ok this post is just wrong. THAT SWEET LITTLE GIRL IS 15 YEARS OLD! leave her alone!!!! so what if she doesn't look like cindy crawford or angelina jolie. NOT EVERYONE HAS TO OR IS MEANT TO!!!!!

magicwand 03-04-2008 02:24 AM

As mother of 4, I am outraged that people would suggest she does all of this. I was only on this site to share a breast implant horror story, not to discuss teenagers getting a face overhaul that even someone my age doesn't have.

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