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robyne00 01-13-2010 03:35 PM

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Obsession
Supposedly 10 PS procedures in one day!!!

Heidi Montag: Addicted to Plastic Surgery - Bodywatch, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt :

la_angel 01-13-2010 03:41 PM

You beat me to this Robyne! I saw this on CNN's site this morning and was just about to post it :) Was I hallucinating or did Heidi say she was going to get butt implants too in that article?

robyne00 01-13-2010 03:44 PM

No hallucinations there, la_angel. What is she thinking? Is this another ploy for publicity?

robyne00 01-14-2010 04:06 PM

Perez Hilton: Heidi's New Boobs Are HUGER Than HUGE!

la_angel 01-16-2010 04:05 PM

She is totally ruining herself. I also thought she was a cute girl before all her operations. With that blonde hair, she's going to end up looking like an adult star with those implants.

robyne00 01-16-2010 04:09 PM

She does look like a porn star with those implants, and she wants them bigger. EEK!

c2it 01-18-2010 12:50 AM


And she claims she is finally satisfied with her looks: "I love my body! I still feel a little fragile, but I've never felt more beautiful and sexier.
How long will those feelings last this time around?

robyne00 01-19-2010 04:49 PM

More links ... and she looks super scary in the second one!

Perez Hilton: Heidi: "I'm Not Addicted To Plastic Surgery"

Perez Hilton: It's She's Alive!!!

robyne00 01-19-2010 06:35 PM

I actually agree with Spencer Pratt for the first time ever:

Heidi Montag Wants Size 'H' Breasts | Extra

la_angel 01-19-2010 09:29 PM

It's hard to tell from her airbrushed magazine spread, but that second link is very scary indeed Robyne! :eek:

And F implants? What on earth is this girl thinking? I want to see her butt implants but haven't been able to find any recent pics which show them. Has Perez talked about those yet?

I guess the one thing I give her credit for is honesty. She crossed into the deep end, but at least she isn't lying about her plastic surgery :p

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