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lalavasquez 03-11-2014 10:01 AM

My Experience - Butt Shots
So, I wouldn't call myself a plastic surgery addict, but I am all about self improvement. Call me stupid, but a few years ago now I decided to go through with the dreaded "butt shots" and LUCKILY found an amazing person who gave me amazing results.

This is my personal advice for anyone who does decide to go through with it.

If someone is charging bargain basement prices - although everyone likes a deal, be wary. Why are they charging so little - fresh supplies cost money and the product if they're injecting true medical grade silicone or hydrogel is NOT cheap. For reference I paid $2000 per session, and my first session really did make a visible difference.

You need to commit to sticking to the same "injector" - find someone who does have a track record and who has been in your area or coming to your area for a long time. Ask around, talk to people who have had it done. Make sure you see their work. I have seen girls skip from person to person - whoever was offering the best deal at the time, and a couple ended up with funky results - because perhaps one person wasn't totally legit regarding what they were injecting.

I was injected by someone who had a permanent office, and for that reason kept their business very private, but it made me feel better to know that I was in a sanitary area and not a motel room off a highway!

Make sure you see that all needles are fresh - this sounds obvious, but I feel the need to stress how important this is. Watch the person unwrap the supplies in front of you.

Insist that they provide local anesthetic - I have had it done without, one time, and it's NOT pleasant. With local anesthetic, it's a breeze.

Aftercare - don't get lazy with your aftercare, massage the area, moisturize the area. It's your responsibility.

Hopefully ladies on the forum find this a little helpful

xo La

bodycosmetica 05-05-2014 11:26 AM

Butt injections are extremely unsafe and not FDA approved. Additionally, they are done under the table so they can be mixed with anything since it is unregulated. The results may be good for a few months and then problems begin to arise such as shifting, volume loss, infections, and much more. Surgeons recommend getting a brazilian butt lift instead which is regulated and is done in a sterile surgical facility. Also, your own fat is used to shape the buttocks, so there is less chance of the body rejecting the "implants", and you are able to remove fat from areas where you feel that you can do without.
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