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Raechel 07-02-2011 12:16 AM

New here, in recovery, sorta....
I had my reduction 6/10, and initially, I was very pleased. I traveled 12 hours away from my home city to have the Laser Bra done in conjunction with my b/r to Columbus, OH. Since arriving home, 8 days post op my incision under my right breast opened up widely, and a trip to the ER attempted to suture it back closed. That lasted, oh, 3 or 4 days, and then it pulled most of the way through. Follow up with local p/s has deemed secondary healing necessary at this point for that incision. The incision itself is probably 10" in length, and 80% opened up to some degree or another, with 3-4" being open to a width of about 2".

Tonight, under my left breast, my husband found about a dime-sized opening where that incision has opened up also. It wasn't there before.

My pre-op size was impossible to find...the closest to correct size was a 38N, and that cup was still a size or so too small. I'm not entirely sure what size I got down to yet, but it is significantly smaller (clearly).

Has anyone been in this boat before? I've seen being post op described as "over the rainbow"...well, if this is what's on the other side, I can't imagine this being better than being impossibly big breasted.


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