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drummer 07-15-2010 06:31 AM

Male breast reduction through here
Im a 48 year old male who had severe gynoclamastia so after several years of embarrassment I went to a respected plastic surgeon .I had both my breasts reduced,my flanks reduced ,my love handles reduced.
My surgery was was saturday july 10th ,The procedure was pure lipo,I do believe it is a very up to date liposuction.
I have been in a garment since day doctor said after day 5 i could remove it for 6 hours then back on for 7 more days.
my questions to you are
1.ive been told that after lipo women need to get deep fatty message treatments but men do not ,is this true?
2.Im curious about on males how long will the swelling be around?

thank you

robyne00 08-07-2010 09:09 AM

Welcome to the forum!!!

Directly from a post surgery lipo guide:

"Some surgeons recommend that you massage the treatment areas to prevent scar tissue build up and lessen the chance of dimples and dents. Some surgeons insist that if you do not massage natural scar tissue formation will form within the "tunnels" created by the cannula and will begin to contract and lump up pr pull your connective tissue and superficial fat down with it creating undesirable surface irregularities. Patients are usually instructed to massage beginning at a week post-operatively and for about 15 minutes a day. Vigorous massage is said to prevent fibrous bands of scar tissue to contract around your existing fat and will also help with edema (swelling)."

What do I think? In men it is not always necessary. But some say better safe than sorry!

Swelling time varies from person to person.

la_angel 08-17-2010 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by robyne00 (Post 8498)
What do I think? In men it is not always necessary. But some say better safe than sorry.

I totally agree! If nothing else, it will put your mind at ease. I don't think there will be any harm in doing it as long as you do as instructed.

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