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jerseygirl 03-11-2010 08:19 PM

19 year old getting breast reduction
I am 19 years old, 120 pounds, 5"2 and have a 32F (or 32DDD) chest

I have been having excruciating neck and back problems for years as well as some problems with posture...exercise, wearing bathing suits, and even clothes, have never been easy due to my enormous breasts

I've gone to chiropractors and physical therapists for years and nothing has helped. Finally I had a consultation with a surgeon today. he is a board certified surgeon who has been specializing in this procedure for 25 years. He said getting it covered by insurance would not be a problem due to the many health problems I have because of my breasts.

I've accepted the fact that i will have scars from the surgery but the one hang up I have is what size they will be after the procedure. I tried discussing this with the doctor and could not get the type of answer i was looking for. He said that he does not specify a '"cup size" that I will be for 2 reasons, 1 because there really is no actual "cup size"...each bra manufacturer has their own version of a cup size, and secondly because if he tells me a cup size I will expect my breasts to be an exact size which he cannot promise.

He showed us slide shows of before and after reductions he's done. Me and my mother tried asking him how my breasts would be shaped after wards, because the pictures we saw on the screen looked a little flattened and pancake-like. At that, he told us that it depends on the shape my breast already is and that if I'm looking for perfection i'm going to be let down.

I'm not looking for perfection, I understand I will not have perfect breasts, but is it asking too much to know how big my breasts will be after the reduction? I do not want the huge sagging breasts I have now, but I don't want to have very small breasts either..will i still have cleavage? What if I wake up and they're still huge? I'm soo confused I don't want to wake up from this procedure and hate the way they look.

For me, the benefits of this procedure far out-weight the down-falls, but this is such a huge decision! I guess I'd really like to hear from other patients who have had this done and hear the feedback about how they liked their results.

Thank you xox

robyne00 03-12-2010 06:01 AM

Kudos to you for not wanting to achieve "perfection" or going to a surgeon with a pic of a celebrity.

Sometimes breast reductions are not covered by insurance. You have to provide a great deal of paperwork and medical history justifying the need of the procedure. Do not go by what one doc says.

If you can PM me what doc you went to, I might be able to tell you my opinion whether to go through with it or steer clear of him. From what I'm reading in your post there are several issues going on. He should be able to tell you the approximate size you will be. He should know how much tissue will be removed based upon your height, weight, and BMI. Yes, cup sizes do vary from bra manufacturer to bra manufacturer, however, the surgeon should have been able to provide you with an estimate of what your final size would be. The fact that he's not willing to provide you with a roundabout figure is a red flag to me.

I also do not like the after pics appearing "flattened and pancake-like". His explanation is in my opinion, his inability to take responsibility for subpar work. Also, if the afters are his "good" work, I wonder what he didn't (or wouldn't) show you. Another red flag. I would look elsewhere. It sounds like he knows you are young, in pain, and inexperienced in the realm of plastic surgery. In other words, he is taking advantage of you.

You can still have cleavage, if you don't minimize your breast size too much.

You definitely need to see more surgeons. Have you researched any other docs? Where do you live? Are you willing to travel?

blazinballa 03-16-2010 08:54 AM

well first i have 2 say u have amazing "stats". i gotta say i would luv 2 c a pic:o (hey im 24/m)

but i think if insurense covers it, go 4 it! pretty good time right now, considering warmer days r almost here... im sure u will look great & still have cleavage. lol =)

robyne00 03-16-2010 09:12 AM

Interesting post, blazinballa, but let's stay on topic. :)

One important thing to keep in mind is that breast reduction does leave scars. The scars cannot be exposed to direct sunlight either.

la_angel 03-16-2010 11:39 AM

I'm happy to hear you have realistic expectations about doing this :) Quite a few younger people are borderline delusional when it comes to what is and isn't possible, so it's always refreshing when I hear someone that knows perfection won't be possible!

I'm also a bit skeptical of this plastic surgeon you met with. On one hand, I know he probably is being conservative in what he promises so you don't come back disappointed. On the other hand, he needs to give you better estimates (can't he just say they are estimates only?) so either he is being too conservative or he is not very sure of his work.

robyne00 03-16-2010 04:05 PM

Like I stated before and like la_angel said, after doing a procedure for 25 years, the doc should have been able to give you an estimate.

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