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Default Are teen breast implants bad for you?

Teen breast implants are dangerous and the parents that want their kids to do this need to reconsider. The breasts are still growing during the teen years and may not blossom until later on. I myself do not believe implants are the best solution at this stage in a girl's life. I am writing a paper about this and hope this message board's members can give me their opinions about this too.

a. teen plastic surgery statistics.
If someone can tell me how many teen plastic surgeries are done each year that would be super!

b. teen plastic surgery gone wrong
Are you or do you know of any teens that have had a nose job, breast implants or something else that went terribly wrong?

c. your opinion
Are you for or against breast implants for teens? Please tell me why/why not and the pros/cons.

I thank you in advance for your help!

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The link below will help you with the 2008 statistics for teens getting cosmetic surgery procedures:


Type the phrase "teen plastic surgery gone wrong" into google. The available stories are abundant.

Personally, I think plastic surgery for teens is a bad idea. Teens bodies are not yet at their peak of maturity, thusly, altering ones body at this stage of life can be detrimental for the future. Teens also have to remember, sometimes with breast augmentation, one can lose sensation in the breasts or not be able to breast feed. Breast implants also have to be replaced throughout ones life. Other times the operation does not turn out as the patient originally surmised. If one begins getting surgeries early that he or she is unhappy with, he or she might keep getting revisions over and over again, to various body areas. This can lead to Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

I hope I have helped you. Please feel free to ask me any additional questions you might have.

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Welcome to the forum!

It looks like the first two were answered (thanks Robyne!) but for (c) here is my opinion...

I agree that teen plastic surgery should generally be avoided, except for reconstructive cases. As you said, we all grow at different rates, and sometimes the breasts may not reach their full size until later.

The other concern I have is if a girl truly knows what she wants that early on. She may feel she wants a larger size, but does that means a slight increase or drastic (and fake) look? At the age of 16 or 17, the girl simply may not know. Take the nose for example... I was unhappy with it growing up, but didn't know what I wanted until several years later.

It also probably isn't the best idea to teach children that plastic surgery is the "go to" answer. First they need to mentally grow before making such important and life changing decisions.

I hope this has answered your question

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