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@KAS86 - Hi, please let us know if you found someone to help you and if you relay found a good surgeon to examine you and recommend the right plastic surgery intervention? Hope you are well!

At Randwick Plastic Surgery, we provide leading Sydney plastic surgery treatment. Dr. Sean Nicklin and Dr. Pouria Moradi offer a welcoming environment where you can be confident you will be treated with courtesy and respect. www.randwickplasticsurgery.com.au
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Here is a site that will answer your question about tummy tucks Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Information-Pictures, Cost, Doctors

This site has helpful information about Lifts and Implants Breast Lift With Implants

And if you are looking for a Doctor in you area here are some Doctors in your area Cosmetic Surgery Doctors in Boston, Massachusetts

Good Luck!

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Iím sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I can completely understand your motivations for getting plastic surgery and I think itís admirable to want to move on. I disagree with one of the comments above regarding breast augmentation impeding breastfeeding. An implant placed beneath the muscle will not only yield more natural-looking breast but also allow you to breastfeed in the future. With that, I do suggest a breast implant rather than a lift, if you have loose skin and ďdeflated breastsĒ as you mentioned. Your surgeon can adjust the projection and shape of the implant to fit your body type. If you need more information, my plastic surgeon is great (heís the reason Iím so knowledgeable!) and in the NYC-area, which isnít too far from Boston. Hereís his site for more info: Breast Implants New York - Teardrop Implants | Dr. Joel Studin Webplastics.com

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Hey to get your perfect figure,...........you have to go have to go through..........tummy tuck surgeries for loose skin around abdomen..........buttock injections.

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Default breast augmentation

Hi all,

I am a women in my 30s. I am looking to get revision rhinoplasty as well as have breasts and possibly a skin only tummy tuck. I have some loose skin on the upper part of my abdomen but I have really strong muscles and I hardly have any separation in my abdominal wall after 3 children.

Breats -
I was a 32 D prior to having children. I was still almost a D - so Large C -D after children the breasts were just not as dense or... perky. Anyway, trust me a D on a 32 back is not the same as it is on a bigger back. I did go into have implants after my children and asked the doctor for a small increase in size, meaning that I wanted to go back to the size I was before I had children. We did not discuss the size of implant but I woke up to a 500cc implant and was in a 32 H bra after the surgery. I felt like I looked as though I was about to fall over it was so out of proportion to my body frame and life style. Also, this implant was placed under the muscle and it popped out. I was unhappy straight away. I woke up saying Oh my God!!! Although this doctor is supposed to be the best I was worried about offending him and went to a different doctor as soon as I could 6 mnths after. The larger implants also really stretched out my skin. This doctor reduced the size and put in 271cc shaped implants and tried to take in the new excess skin through the nipples as I really did not want to have the anchor scar. Anyway, the shape is not great and they look somewhat ......warbled. When I woke up my nipples were not the same size and one was missing a corner and it was over to the side of my breast not centred and it resembled a cookie with a bite out of it. Then where all of the tissue was removed around the nipple the scar it was really puckered and gathered. As it healed the skin was reabsorbed and it now looks like a starburst sort of and the nipple did centre out. It has been more than two years, after all that I have gone through I really want this done properly. I am trying to do research now and not just trust my doctor quite so much. So I am scheduled to get them done again, by the same doctor and I am not sure what to do. This time he was going to go with a slightly bigger implant and put in a tiny bit bigger on on the right than the left. Since I am pretty happy with the 271 AND they are shaped (tear drop) the volume of the 271cc implant from Ireland is dispersed over a greater surface area I am worried that if I get even a slightly bigger cc ROUND implant that the volume will all be centralized and concentrated like it was the first time. Also, I am worried that you will see that line that you see in so many women with implants and i will feel like they are too big - and look like implants OR worse an orange in a sock. He also said he uses high profile implants - can someone explain all of this to me. I read on here that someone suggested not to get the tear shaped implant however they look pretty good and natural with no line of where the implant starts. They also said not to get the high profile ones. I certainly did not like those horrid giant 500cc things that were in. I really want them to look great and not have everyone stare at my chest everywhere I go. This doctor said he is going to try not to do the anchor scar but revise the nipples, make them slightly higher and place the implant with a new scar under the breast as he feels that the lower tissue has thinned due to the surgeries. He also said he may use aloderm.

Tummy -
At the same time he was going to remove three lipomas on my abdomen and since he would use a hairline incision he would try to remove the bit of loose, what I call chicken skin, that I have high up, above my belly button under my breasts, as a result of my pregnancies. I do not have separation of the muscles and I am slim 5'5" and 124lbs with no tummy. And he said he would do this as a skin only tummy tuck through a hairline incision which was also the best way of totally removing the lipomas so they do not come back. He would not 'move' my belly button but he said it would be lower a bit from pulling down the skin.
Suggestions?? Other doctors?? what do I need to do to make sure my breast will look great.


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Breast implants surgery that gives a looking natural results.
Hair Transplant in Dubai | FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai | Eyebrow Transplants in Dubai

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Originally Posted by KAS86 View Post
Hello everyone,

I'm a 23 yo from Boston who's considering plastic surgery. When I was 18 I became pregnant with twins. I was really tiny, so my body was stretched beyond it's limits by the pregnancy. I was left with loose skin around my abdomen, and breasts that are somewhat deflated looking. I ended up losing the pregnancy in my 8th month, so getting surgery after 4 years would be a way for me to finally move on from this and be a normal 20-something again, as well as cosmetic. I'm definitely considering a tummy tuck, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on getting implants as well. I originally was thinking of a breast lift, but I don't think it would be worth it, considering I'll most likely be having children in the future. My biggest issue with implants is that I don't want to be noticeable. I would want something really small, not to increase my size much (maybe a little - I've always been a C but have recently lost weight and gone down to a borderline B/C) but more to fill up the space in the extra skin. Looking at photos though, most post-surgery photos show patients with overly round breasts that are really far apart. Is it possible to get natural looking breast implants? I wouldn't want anyone to be able to tell that I had them. If so, what type of implants/placement/etc would be my best bet? Does anyone have any recommendations for surgeons in New England?

Thanks for your help!
I Will Give U Some Suggestion U Can Contact Me at joycebelden@yahoo.in

Have A nice Day...............................................

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