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Magnet 11-22-2013 05:20 PM

Has anyone had a mammogram since their augmentation?
Hello, I'm hoping for some advice and reassurance.
I had a breast augmentation in May 2010 and had a mammogram before my surgery. I've always had regular mammograms due to family history of breast cancer, and I'm now overdue for one. But I'm very nervous!
Mammograms hurt at the best of times, but even though I've had my implants for three and a half years, I still treat my breasts gently and never squeeze or pummel them as they are prone to tenderness. The idea of having them squashed in an ex-ray machine fills me with dread - and I'm also afraid of the implants being damaged.
Any thoughts please? Have any of you had mammograms? Any problems with them? Any advice on a reputable clinic in the London or Surrey area? I would expect to pay for it.
Thank you.

porshered99 04-18-2014 08:59 PM

Hi, read your post and I just had to say something. Yes it's still advisable to have mammograms after breast augmentation. Visit an experienced breast imaging center or breast center who is experienced doing mammograms in patients with breast implants. When my sister had her breast implants in Manila, by good surgeon Dr Rino Lorenzo, she was told that she can still have mammograms since there mammography techniques that take into account the presence of breast implants. Seek advice from good doctors so that you may be able to know such options.

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