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Mamaa6 09-21-2012 12:16 PM

Worried about implants looking too low.
I used to have decent sized boobs, back in the day. I was a solid 36 C at least, but even when I was 20, they weren't exactly perky. I was forever having to find support bras to hold the girls up. So I hated having what I called back then, "big boobs." I guess I was just made hanging a little low, so to speak.

Fast forward to today. I am 46 and have had and nursed 6 kids. I got nothing left...maybe a B at best.....and what I do have is hanging looooow. So. I need a lift, obviously, and implants. I don't want huge boobs, just back to what I used to have. biggest fear is low looking boobs, I guess since that's what I had in my younger years.

And honestly, I've seen some BA photos, where the breasts are too long for my liking at all. Most of those are the bigger size, but worries me. Cause I HATE that look. I like them high. I'm the girl who shortens the straps all the way on bras, to make sure they're as high as possible.

So......if I go to a full C cup and have a lift, is there any way to make sure you're breasts will be as high as you like? That's the one thing I hated about my natural C cups when I was younger and I don't feel like paying 10 grand for that privilege again. I just want full, perky C cups that pass the pencil test, kwim?


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