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desperatehousewife 04-02-2008 12:58 AM

Something for our HUSBANDS to read ;)
Got this in a forward email and thought I'd share it with all you ladies, so you can share it with your significant others! :)

Boobs are just like snowflakes; each is special and unique and if you know enough about them, you can make them melt in your mouth.

Big Breasts
A study at the Univ of Vienna discovered that bigger boobs were 24% less sensative than smaller ones. What doe this mean? The bigger they are the more stimulation they need! "It's since the main nerve that sends sensation from the nipple is longer and stretched" said plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Mararasso. What does he recommend? Use your tongue and try out light nibbling.

Small Breasts
These babies can take more motion than the big chested girls. What to do with them? Try using your palms to gently cup and bounce them during sex.

Big Nipples
Stay clear until she's all aroused says Dr. Alan Matarasso. Since they have more nerves bigger nipples can be ultra sensitive. It's best to start with the outer areas of the breasts just below the armpit. This is a spot that's usually forget about yet it's very sensitive.

Small Nipples
These are the opposite of the big ones so it's best to find the hot spot that's sensitive which is the dark colored circle surround the nipple, known as the areola. This is actually more sensitive than the nipple. If the areolas are any smaller than 1.5 inches you should pay keen attention to the upper quarter between the 10 and 2 o'clock positions. This is the most sensitive area.

Droopy Breasts
She might be highly sensitive about them, but droopies are the least sensitive there are. Not only are the nerves stretched, they're compressed by the weight of the breast. Get her to lie on her back - it'll cause her boobs to shift up and out, relieving tension on the nerves and helping her focus on the pleasure.

Lactating Breasts
This is a time when a woman's nipples are extra sensitive and it's a time to stay far away from them and stimulate the lower underside which is often forgotten.

Boobies with a Boob Job
If the breast implants were done the right way they won't change the sensation. They will however cause the boobies to bounce differently. So it's best to focus on the surface of the breasts instead of trying to move them around. Try some creative things with your tongue - she'll be glad you did.

futureRN 04-06-2008 10:01 AM

Every woman needs a copy of this :D men need A LOT of help when it comes to handling our breasts they never seem to have any idea how they work or feel you'd think by the way they do it!

gogogadget 04-07-2008 08:28 PM

LOL! Why is it that men can't work our boobs if their life depended on it. This is a great reminder that it's true because I was beginning to think my husband was just getting lazy but NOPE you're right he never could do it right in the first place. :goog eyes: Men suck at giving us pleasure.

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