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Default Second capsular contracture after breast implants!

I have been in severe pain over the last few months due to me having my second capsular contracture in my left breast as well severe pain and numbness in my shoulder and armpit area which is running all the way down my left arm through my left hand (from my elbow down it feels as if something is cutting off my circulation which is causing it to feel ice cold and I am having a shooting pain down my arm along with a pins and needles feeling, sometimes a burning pain, and swelling) and I have been feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

I called my surgeons office on February 14, 2011 explaining to them that I have a capsular contracture (on the same breast) again and told them that I am in severe pain and about what else was going on. I went in for an appointment on February 17, 2011 in which they told me that I do have a capsular contracture again and that my arm and everything else has nothing to do with my implant problem and that I probably just have a pinched nerve and recommended that I get an MRI and neurologic work-up done to see what is going on with my arm and that it is “psychological if it has anything to do with my implant problem.”

He then told me that my three options are to have a capsulectomy done either with or without replacing the breast implant or to just have both of my implants taken out. I also found out on this day that he did a capsulotomy for my last surgery (on March 7, 2008) and not a capsulectomy which is the procedure I was told he was doing and what I paid him to do (I have documents from his office which state that my procedure was supposed to be a capsulectomy as well as my signed “consent for surgery”) so this news was new to me and I have thought this whole time that a capsulectomy was done when I had my first capsular contracture surgery on March 7, 2008.

It has taken them a few days shy of a month to get me a surgery date and I had an appointment set up with them for March 1,2011 to come back in to talk with my surgeon about some questions that I had and I was going to schedule my surgery but they called me the day before (on February 28, 2011) and cancelled it with me in which I was told that “he won’t perform surgery on you until you have quit smoking for some-time and are done smoking for good,” and then she also said to “call us back when you have quit for good and haven’t smoked for some-time and then we can schedule an appointment for you to come back in and then we can go from there.”

Since my appointment on February 17, 2011, I have called their office almost every single day trying to schedule a surgery to get this taken care of, explaining to them that my pain is becoming worse and that it is greatly affecting my life and they kept using smoking (even with me telling them how much I have cut back) as the reason for them not being able to help me. The pain has gotten so bad that I have decided to just have both of my breast implants taken out which I called and told them on March 7, 2011. I continued to have to call them every day until they finally gave me a surgery date on March 14, 2001 for April 29, 2011 which is about six weeks away. My fiancÚ came with me on March 15, 2011 to give them my deposit and he also tried to explain how severe my pain is and how bad it is affecting things and tried to help me get an earlier surgery date but now they are booked until then. Then they told us both that because of my history of smoking that that is why they put me off and they have also told me that they are not trying to make me feel like I am on “the back burner, it is just their busiest time of year because everyone is getting their tax returns back.”

During this time frame I have also had a consult with two other cosmetic surgeons (one on March 3 and the other on March 17) in which both surgeons also told me that I do have a capsular contracture and that having two happen in such a short time frame is pretty much unheard of. They both told me that once my implant is removed I won’t be in pain anymore and that the other problems that I am having with my arm are related to this because of the stretching, pulling, and pressing of the capsular contracture on all of my nerves (and the entrapment and compression that is on them). The surgeon that I saw on March 3 told me that he “can’t prescribe me any pain pills because they would have to be prescribed in extremely high doses and I would become addicted” due to the severity of my pain when I asked him if there was anything he could do to help me get some kind of relief.

The surgeon I saw on March 17 said he could get me in for the surgery on the following Thursday morning but I don’t have the $3,500.00 for him to do it but they could see how severe my pain is and understand how much it is affecting my life. Although both surgeons encourage their patients to quit smoking because it MIGHT increase some risks and complications, it is not a reason that they would not perform surgery. Both of these surgeons kept asking me if I was sure that my implants were under the muscle because of the way they felt (which they are supposed to be) so to confirm this I called and spoke with the doctor at the location that I had a diagnostic mammogram ultrasound done at on my left breast (on February 18, 2011) and he said that my implant appears to be over the muscle and not under.

At this point I am tired of being in this severe pain and suffering that I have been in for the last few months and how its greatly affecting my life which I have had to put on hold for the most part until I get this taken care of. They are not taking my severe pain and discomfort into any consideration or thinking of it as a priority and although I do have a surgery date for April 29, that is still about six weeks away and that much longer that I have to live like this. Had they not kept me on the back burner (by continuing to schedule other peoples surgeries who are not dealing with severe pain and discomfort) and used smoking as an excuse I would have probably already had the surgery that I need or would be having it sometime soon. He was fully aware that I am a smoker when I had my primary augmentation done on May 14, 2007 (had 400cc (left) and 375cc (right) silicone breast implants placed under the muscle through my nipples and a lift done to my right breast) and it was not a problem or used as a reason to not do my surgery then when I was not in pain and giving him $8,200.00 to do it. Nor did he tell me to call them back when I had quit for some-time or for good.

I strongly feel that had he done a capsulectomy and not a capsulotomy last time like he was supposed to that I would not be in the position that I am in now. I feel like I am being treated unfairly and like all I have heard is excuses from them over the last month and they are not taking their patients well-being into consideration at all. The pain at this point is becoming worse as each day passes and is greatly affecting my life in several different ways. I can barely lift my arm over my head or even really use it without wanting to scream from the pain and can’t really preform some physical tasks such as driving and it is causing me to not be able to sleep all of which is leading me to feel very depressed. I really feel like this needs to be taken care of before any more of my overall physical health begins to suffer and who knows if I will have long-term or permanent health problems such as nerve damage due to this.

On February 22, 2011 they placed me on flexerile which is only supposed to be used for short-term use (no more than 3 weeks) and I am still on it. I told them that it really isn’t working and that I am having horrible side effects and feel like I can’t function on it and they pretty much told me “all well.” I am also going to be getting a referral to see a neurologist this week to determine the extent of nerve damage and to find out exactly what is going on with that.

has anyone else gone through anything like this or are you currently going through it? I am becoming so depressed because my physical ability to do anything right now if for the most part gone and my daughter and fiance are also having to suffer as a result. He can't return to work until all this is taken care of =(

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