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desperatehousewife 03-16-2008 11:45 PM

Saline For Silicone Breast Implant Trade-In Program
Saw this press release and it's interesting but here's my thoughts on it.

-They don't mention costs at all. My guess? The implant is free but you have to pay surgeon fee, O.R., and anesthesia. Implants only costs the doctors a few hundred dollars a set so that's no incentive to get a boob job just for that ;)

-I'm still against silicone. You always need to go with the safest option. Too many horror stories out there about silicone leaking and causing permanent neurological problems and other serious health issues that last a lifetime. Why risk it? Just go with saline if it leaks there's no danger. If silicone leaks you're in trouble and even if you catch it there's no reversing the silicone that's already made its way into your body and bloodstream. A friend of mine that works for some FDA advisory panel says there's so many pending lawsuits against the manufacturers of silicone implants that have leaked the she doesn't think they'll stay around long.

beachersrockhouse 03-17-2008 12:24 PM

Yuck I don't know who would choose silicone over saline in this darn age after all we know. Did you know when silicone breast implants went on the market in the 60's they had no previous testing and patients were told they'd last a lifetime? Silicone is known to cause cancer too people are foolish if they actually want to get silicone!

bon_jovie_babe 03-20-2008 08:21 PM

why are they pushing the silicone implants again these things are not safe! i dont get why this is even a question for people of whether to do silicone or saline. do you want to put something inside you that is dangerous to your brain and causes all types of damage to your body that cannot be reversed. patients are out there dying left and right, getting cancer, and other illnesses from silicone implants they had in the past. why do people want to repeat history again? saline implants feel the same, not that it should matter anyway, but they do. you should just consider going under the muscle instead of over the muscle with the implants as that will change their appearance and feel. changing to silicone for something 'new' is not what you should be thinking about doing!

desperatehousewife 03-23-2008 08:49 PM

Yeah I don't know why they're pushing the silicone implants again. Do you think it's because the makers of them realized it's another way to expand their market. :confused: Maybe the women that didn't like the saline will try silicone or maybe women with saline implants will want to buy the new silicone ones instead. That has to be the reasoning behind why they're happening all over again because I see no other purpose of pushing unsafe silicone implants again.

Another dangerous thing is the manufacturer tells women how often to replace silicone breast implants. They say every 10 years but that's kind of like your oil. The manufacturer tells you every 3,000 mi but who really sticks to that? :rolleyes: Everyone pushes it. People with either be going to long and having their implants show their age OR they are exposed to the 1% to 2% chance their silicone breast implants will leak in the first 10 years anyway just because of damage when they were put in or wear and tear. :sad: Even if you stick to the replacement schedule it's still not safe. I don't see any point in all this.

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