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luluitaly 01-10-2011 06:06 AM

chronic neuropathic pain after breast augmentation
I am 25 and due to an intervention of the breast, my
life has been ruined. In 2007 (as my breast is
remained as that of a child) I have undergone a
a breast augmentation (fee), and I started to
dense prickly have to 'right armpit and breast, hum
in my ears. As I continued to have more and more
pain, my surgeon has reopened after a month my
right breast, and he resigned saying that his work was
been done well and I had nothing. He
left at the mercy of events. ll my pain
increased dramatically in the meantime, had settled and slept
just the night, I had intense burning and I could no longer
move the right arm because of pain. I turned
several specialists and they gave me antineuralgic, the
excruciating pain forced me to stay at home x 7
many months. The drugs are used to make so much x
effect. I was a masseuse, IIt's been three years, I
always tried to react, but unfortunately they are not healed,
I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and pain
complex after surgery, I take many medications but none
of them is curative. Plastic surgeons who have
consulted say they have never had a case like
My, that from the point of view of the prosthesis is all ok.
:Angry: I can not drive, washed
hands and that there is no solution I go through
high doses of sedatives (but unfortunately the body gets used
soon to drugs) I am not a degenerative case and then
data are not very busy, but as you know
live with the pain, it is ugly both physically and
psychologically and for people who love me
that can not do anything to help me and although they
many visits to pay travel and we did not get
nulla.La worst thing is that my breast pain
right (I can feel it in depth) increases with the movement
even the most simple, I have costochondritis, tingling, burning
and I always have a cold, shivering interni.da two months
My breast pain and shoulder blade is changed, it is more
profondo.pių strong, you just touch it with
clothes to unleash - the EMG and MRI of the column is
negative .. the last year by coming out within the rm
inflammation, but not any more .. I'm desperate else take
LYRICA 600 mg, Cymbalta 120 mg, infiltration
anesthetic .. there are other tests? Unfortunately here in Italy
I only give so many medicines, but do not bother
search for more causa.č excruciating pain, just feel
pc to my triggers pain.

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