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heidi ambar 09-24-2010 07:55 AM

Australian Plastic Surgeon Dr. Morris Ritz mutilates his patient
Women need to wise up and protect each other when it comes to plastic surgery. I've read this forum and seen questions from so many women who are not being given proper after care by some doctors. If you have a problem that you feel is not being addressed by your plastic surgeon after surgery, GO AND SEE ANOTHER DOCTOR. It is a fact that infections can spread very quickly. A Melbourne mother of five saw Dr. Morris Ritz, a Melbourne plastic surgeon from The Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery and The Stonnington Day surgery, who performed multiple procedures in an EIGHT HOUR operation, each of which should have been performed separately. She developed an agressive infection and the doctor assured her that everything was Okay, despite knowing she had problems. In spite of this, once he discharged her from the first hospital, Dr. Morris RItz never saw her again. It took another doctor to put her in emergency in another hospital where she had to undergo 22 operations by life saving surgeons, who had to chop away at her breast and parts of the other one, bit by bit- deforming her further, in order to save her life. The woman, Kerry Mullins had gone to see Dr. Ritz for a breast lift and tummy tuck but was sold a "Mum's makeover" for $25,000 that included many more procedures and was later deemed extremely dangerous by expert witnesses. She sued him and won in an out of court settlement, But no amount of money will ever make up for this brave woman's loss. Her children are shattered and traumatised as their mother had to spend four months in hospital. Her marriage is over and, not surprising, she does not want to return for further "reconstructive" breast surgery. She told her story to Australian sixtyminutes, Channel nine, Tara Brown interview titled The Beauty Trap. She has been left disfigured and mutilated and showed the cameras what Dr. Ritz's actions had done to her. This is a tragic and completely unecessary story. PLEASE- BE VERY VERY ASSERTIVE WHEN YOUR BOTHERS YOU IN TERMS OF AFTER CARE. IF YOUR SURGEON CAN'T "FIT YOU IN", OR DOES NOT PROVIDE A GOOD ENOUGH EXPLANATION FOR ANY PROBLEMS YOU EXPERIENCE _---- GO SOMEWHERE ELSE STRAIGHT AWAY,

I saw this story on sixty minutes Australia and it appauling that Dr. Morris Ritz is stll operating with no investigation from the medical panels. This man's greed clearly robbed an innocent patient of many things in her life- quite apart from her breasts and body. She became severely depressed, lost her marriage and now her children are traumatised. Actions with the level of negligence demonstrated by Dr. Morris should really be regarded as criminal.

MeiLi 11-12-2010 12:24 PM

oh my...Do your research ladies, please.

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