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PeachGirl 09-03-2010 03:53 PM

Rare Complication?
Hello, I am hoping that there is someone out there who can lend me a little reassurance and possibly some advice.

I am 8 weeks post-op from a breast Augmentation, sub-muscular 475 cc silicone, mid profile. When I woke up from surgery, about 20 minutes after surgery they took me to a mirror to show me my new breast and I promptly noticed that my right implant was under my arm, I literally could not lower my right arm completely because of the implant.

I asked the recovery nurse why it was there, and she said it wasn't the implant it was swelling. The doctor had checked on me, but not looked at my breast, since he just operated. They sent me on my way and that afternoon I was in a significant amount of pain on just my right side, not my actual chest muscles. So, I called the Doctor, a nurse told me again that it was swelling. The implant clearly sticks out to the side giving a corner to my breast.

After coming to more from anesthesia I had really looked at the implant placement and it was under the outer half of my chest muscle (not under the half closer to the center of my chest), and my entire underarm was filled with implants. I explained that then, and the next day when I called again, and pointed it out at my one week follow- up.

It wasn't until my 3 week post- op follow up that the Doctor even acknowledged a problem. They took pictures and explained to me that swelling under the underarm is very common, they didn't literally think the implant was there, that has never happened before. I was patient and understanding, despite my urge to yell at them for not trusting me or at the very least humoring me and looking at it.

I just went in for a 7 week follow- up. I was hoping for better news. The doctor came in and sat down and said he that my left implant was dropping a little, but no change in my right one. My left implant is also sitting too high, but that I expected as it is very common. He told me that he wanted to wait until next year to operate on me again.

Wearing bras is incredibly uncomfortable, the side of the bra that goes under your arm cuts through the implant, I am swollen all the way around to my back, I can't put my right arm fully down without pushing into the implant. Just recently the stitches (under the breast) had healed enough that it doesn't hurt to press into the implant, and I can finally drive my car. I am numb on my chest, side, and upper back... I can't feel touch, sensation, temperature, pressure, nothing. Most of my clothes do not wear properly. All of which I've explained to my PS. Just recently my implant has been rolling to my back if I lay completely flat.

My PS gave me no good reason to wait until next year to have surgery, other than he wants me completely healed. He never really explained what happens if I'm not completely healed. He also said he has never seen this before, doesn't know what is happening, why it occurred in just me or how he will fix it. Basically, he said he'll cut me open and look.

I picked a PS who has over 10 yrs experience, did more than 600 breast surgeries last year alone, I have 20 people I know that have gone to him, he has actually invented some of the apparatus they use for breast augmentation procedures. He is incredibly well qualified, however it is freaking me out that he has never seen this and doesn't know how to fix it. It will be an explorative surgery for lack of a better term.

One of his former clients told me that she thinks he knows what to do, but just doesn't want to go into detail with me. He should, and me and my husband have pushed for answers, but he is vague with his answers. Which is not reassuring.

I have called the company who makes my implants and they apparently do not keep records of such incidents, but the rep I spoke with said it wasn't common. I have called another PS in the area to get a second opinion, I will go in 2 weeks to see him, and in 3 and a half weeks I go back to my surgeon for another follow up.

I am wondering if any one has ever heard of this happening or if any one has suggestions of what I should do next or what possibly happened. It is very odd to me that it has been like this immediately after surgery. So, I know it isn't a capsular contracture.

Thank you for any helpful insight you can provide!

jordan12 09-14-2010 04:02 AM


I am not a doctor but I have worked as a surgical assistant in plastics for over 5 years. I am sorry to hear about your issue as I know it must be frustrating and worrisome. Swelling is normal after surgery and implants do appear to be high, however in some instances for whatever reason sometimes one implant will not drop. It takes about 4-6 weeks for implants to drop and take on a more natural appearance and for some it may take a bit longer. In my experience I have seen some patients that have had 1 implant that does not drop (usually caused by either scar tissue formation or ligaments that are located in the breast. Do both of your implants feel as though they are in your armpit? I ask because some patients have widely spaced breasts and implants that are on the large side can tend to stick into the armpit. Another issue could be that you had a hematoma (blood collection under the skin) A hematoma can cause painful swelling that can distort the implant and take time to resolve.

It is reasonable for the surgeon to give the implant time to resolve because doing something too soon can be a mistake at the same time we have re-operated on patients at about the 3 month mark if the implant has not dropped. With that said I encourage you to speak with your doctor again and if you are still not comfortable get a second and third opinion. Your doctor should be able to provide you with some type of explanation as to what he/she thinks may be happening.

Good Luck

la_angel 10-10-2010 02:08 PM

Wow I have never heard of that happening :(

While I was reading your story, at first I thought it could be swelling (because you mentioned swelling on your back) but then you talk about your implant rolling to your back if you lay completely flat? That just shouldn't be happen. It's more like the opposite, everyone complains that their breast implants don't move and stick straight up when they lay on their back, so I don't know what to tell you.

Did you go for the second opinion? What did they say?

Jem 10-28-2010 02:44 PM

Wow, I would definitely be heading straight for a second opinion! Especially if he won't explain things to you! Since he has even admitted to not knowing what's going on, I would definitely try to find a different surgeon for another opinion!

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