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neitsberg 04-15-2010 11:39 PM

Breast implant brands
What are all the breast implant brands that are available? I was shocked to find out find out that Inamed implants and Natrelle implants are made by the same company, Allergan! Then the other big one is Mentor and that's that brand I have heard about the most.

My questions are this-

What are the differences between these two breast implant brands? Do they have the same quality?

Do the dimensions, styles, shapes differ? Are there any types you can get with one brand that the other brand doesn't offer?

Which is considered to be the best silicone breast implant brand? For saline?

Which brand has the best track record for safety? The last thing I want are breast implants that will burst or pop. If I go with silicone that needs to be guaranteed!

Thanks for your help ladies!

la_angel 04-22-2010 02:23 PM

I don't have breast implants myself, but from what I hear there are only slight differences between the brands. Yes, they do have their own styles, but usually you can get the same style from a different manufacturer (but they will call it a different name of course).

One style you may want to avoid is the high profile breast implants. I have never heard one good thing about them (unless you're going for the fake look).

I don't know which brand has the best safety record. I would guess they are comparable but it would be interesting if there's a study out there that compares them over time?

neitsberg 04-24-2010 12:59 AM

Hello :) Thanks for replying but I was wishing for more conclusive answers if they are out there.

For saline and silicone implants are there differences between the brands that I should know about? I would very much like to compare and contrast the breast implant brands for safety. Where can one find this info?

robyne00 04-25-2010 09:14 AM

I will do some research for you, however, be careful what information you gather and consider fact. Many research studies are funded by companies or are performed by researchers that are affiliated with the companies being researched. This leads to skewed results, often in favor of who is providing financial backing for the study to take place.

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