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chiarama52 03-23-2011 02:46 PM

Did you hear that BETAZERO TOXINA or BOTOX-INA EXPRESSIVE, as they call it in slang, uses a new Botulinum Toxin called Express with MANNITE?
Finally after many years a producer has decided to find the right ingredients that does not harm the liver such as albumin. With MANNITE, which appears as an excipient in new BOTOX-INA EXPRESSIVE gives the best results then BOTOX and Dysport.
I've tried BOTOX-INA EXPRESSIVE on one of my patients in the U.S. over six months ago and I must say that this product is exceptional and even for longer time than BOTOX and Dysport and AZALURE.
I heard that it is not nessesary to keep in the fridge the new BOTOX-IN-A EXPRESSIVE. It 's true? Anybody have some information?

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