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kihoe_howard1589 01-04-2010 09:27 PM

The top 10 Dallas plastic surgeons
Which plastic surgeons in Dallas are worthy enough to be considered in the top 10?
Here are the categories-

Botox, rhinoplasty, face lifts, breast implants, liposuction, tummy tucks and arm lifts.

Vote for any reputable Dallas plastic surgeon that does one or more of the above procedure by replying to my post. This summer I will be putting together a top 10 list for the magazine I write for and thought I should start my research right now.


I will be using the info collected here and other reviews and resources to come up with my top 10 list for Dallas. Nominated doctors must do at least one or more of the above mentioned surgeries and have to be board certified.


robyne00 01-05-2010 04:08 PM

Unfortunately, you will likely get many docs (or friends, family members of docs) skewing your research. An internet site such as this will not be helpful for generating true statistical outcomes. The best way to conduct a legitimate research study of this type would be to obtain client satisfaction ratings over time. This will be a lengthy process, but will result in valid results. Controlling for outliers, and accounting for demographic variables is necessary as well. You will also need a large subject pool per surgeon as well as per procedure. It might be difficult to generate this type of data due to privacy laws, as well as many people being secretive about PS.

la_angel 01-05-2010 06:11 PM

This is certainly a challenge! As Robyne pointed out, probably half the Dallas plastic surgeons will post here, posing as a patient or have others do the same.

Plastic surgery forums can be helpful but when it's a poster that promotes specific doctors, take them with a grain of salt. From my experience, the plastic surgeons that have the best marketing machines seem to be the ones who make the "best of" lists, and often they don't deserve it!

Amy Boczar 11-20-2014 01:35 AM

Many plastic surgeons also perform cosmetic surgery that is unrelated to medical conditions. One of my friend Plastic Surgeons in Dallas process there recently at Cima Plastic Surgery Center by Dr. Jorge Galvan MD .Everything seems alright. I hope it will be helping your face lifts, breast implants, liposuction and many more.

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