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Renew Myself 09-23-2009 06:32 AM

Lost weight but still flacid arms
Hey guys:

I was pretty fat once but started dieting and excercising and lost a lot of weight but what I can not acomplished, no matter how hard I try, is my arms to be really stylized, at least my triceps, it's flacid so I've started to consider plastic surgery, how will it work for me? First of all does it really work? Will I still be able to exercise normaly? How long will it take to me to recover ?



x_stacy 09-29-2009 05:51 PM

How old are you if you dont mind me asking? I think saggy arms are pretty normal once you hit your late 40's and up even if you haven't had major weightloss.

I would look into an arm lift if you are at your ideal weight but if youre not hold off because I know someone that had this done and now she needs it again since she lost more weight.

versace 10-15-2009 03:46 AM

For many women flabby arms are a natural part of the aging process regardless of their current or past weight. It largely depends on their genetics. An arm lift is currently the only viable option to correct this occurrence. It's important to note that this procedure involves scars up to 12 inches or more on the inside each arm. If that's an outcome you are willing to accept then this procedure is worth considering.

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