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Red 10-17-2012 05:55 PM

Arm Lift Revision Questions!
Hi guys!!
I'm new here, and any advice and/or information would help me!! I had a full armlift 7/2/12 -- and yes, my arms look better than what they were... But they aren't as tight as I would have hoped and expected. I went to my PS 9/12 with my concerns, and he agreed that a revision would definitely help. I could have it done in his office for no fee, yes, being awake, or have it done in the surgery center (for 2k -- ouch) And be knocked out. He said it would be a relatively easy procedure, and it should only take an hour for both arms, if done in his office. He claimed healing time would be much quicker and easier than it was when he originally did the procedure. Because of what he said and the ease of the revision, I opted to have it done in the office and picked a date in December 2012.
I went back to my PS 2 days ago so he could check out some discoloration in my armpit scar, and we talked about the revision. Now he is staying it will need to be a 2 day procedure - bc of the amount of numbing that will need to happen. So now I'm freaking out, angered that it has to take 2 appointments, and I don't know what to do.
Has anyone had an armlift revision in the office? What did you feel? how was recovery? I know that my PS will give me something to calm my nerves, but I don't want to go through all of this, only to go back in 4 days to do the other arm.... If anyone had a revision done in the office, would you recommend that route? Or is being put under the way to go?
I'm so confused and freaked out. Thanks!!!

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