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allan12 10-02-2012 12:27 AM

Do I really need an arm lift to remove loose skin?
I went to a surgeon and he said I needed an arm lift if I wanted to get rid of my loose skin from underneath my arms, he said if I build muscle it would only push the loose skin further and wouldn't fill in the space?

Is this true? I don't mine getting surgery, but it is very expensive, is it not possible to fill in the space with muscles?
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Gil888 11-02-2012 12:30 PM

I thought I could do the same, hated my arms since I was a teenager, never have worn short sleeves. Anyway over the past four years I've worked hard to build muscle. For a female I have quite large arm muscles, biceps, triceps and shoulders yet that skin . . . . it's still there. I thought I could get lipo on it but when I spoke to the surgeon he said it wasn't fat, it was skin . . . . I'm just waiting on getting confirmation on my date for multiple surgeries and I can't wait. I always felt that I'd be much more confident with scars then I am with all that skin waggling about. Still it's up to you, if you start building the muscle and you are happy with the results then that's fine :cool:

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