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Default receding chin

Ok I have been told I have an overbite, and weak chin, a friend of mine also commented on my nose and how it stands out a lot, I got annoyed as I didnt know what he meant to me it never seemed that way, but like a lot of people I didnt know what my side profile was like. My general dentist never came out with any problems and would always say that my teeth were fine, recently I booked privately to see an orthodontist however, I asked him about how bad my overbite is, and my receding/or weak chin, the surgeon told me I have an average overbite and it is nothing to worry about, but I need to have a root canal tooth removed, and they offered me braces for a slight crossbite, possibly caused by trauma (jaw dislocated a few years back), as I went home to think about it I came to the conclusion that I will go through with tooth extraction/operation once the hospital gets in touch with me however.....I then sqitched my general dentists to a more cosmetic orientated dentists to address my overbite and weak chin and they said my bite is actually in the perfect place, and my teeth are close to perfect?! what gives??

I feel like im pulling at straws with this whole issue of my prominent nose/weak chin issue. I feel I never used to have a weak chin so what exactly is going on with my jaw? should I try yet another dental practise? ill probably get the same answer as above or along those lines. When I reffered myself to the orthodontists I was kinda hoping they would put me in for maxillo facial surgery to reallign my jaw. I think my nose has grown a little over the past 2 years, which doesnt help my profile at all. It is actually smaller than average in length but it sticks out from my face a lil over average (the power of google compelled me to search ). Im going out of my mind over this as it does affect my self esteem, I look ok in the mirror I think but my side profile has completely changed my perspective on how I look, and not for the better :/, my friend even asked me if I had jewish blood in the family! cheeky tosser lol, not to be rascist but dont jewish folks have roman noses anyway? ill stop now as I feel im tredding on water (facepalm).

But seriously can some one help me on this, ive had testosterone levels checked and they are normal so its not that, though I want to get it checked again, the doctor says t level is in the middle (whatever the hell that means!), I feel like I look like a giant 12 year old from the side. I dont want to go down the plastic surgery route tbh, would losing weight off the face (cardio) help? I know im thin enough as it is at 154ibs, If I work out is my face gonna stay the same, or will it just become even more wierd as ill have an even more angular face from the front but mongoloid from the side!?!

Ok im done
answer away my pilgrims

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