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anne 02-14-2008 02:32 PM

Arm-Lift Horror Story! I'm Scared!
Guys I am completely terrified at the idea of getting arm lift surgery. I'm a mom in her mid 50's and was never really heavy throughout my life - at the most ever I would say 25 lbs overweight and that was during my divorce 11 years ago. For some reason I have a ton of skin just hanging from my arms I don't get why? I'm not talking a wrinkle or two but rather skin you can grab and pull out 3 or 4 inches it's really sick. This has just became a problem over the last 5 to 7 years even though I've been normal weight that whole time.

I want to get surgery but after my friend's horror story after an arm lift surgery (wish I could show you the before and after photos) I am way too freaked to do it! :Freak: She had massive internal bleeding, hard rough scar tissue, areas of the arms where the scars separated so the area between them was enlarged and other complications. Yeah the skin was gone but she was left with a mess!

Is there a SAFE and RELIABLE way to do this surgery with no major surprised? All I want is the skin off and not a bazillion complications. Is there a certain technique for the arm lift surgery that is safer and has more reliable results?

Thanks y'all!

queen_of_plastic 02-16-2008 01:55 PM

I wouldn't worry too much Anne you're going to find horror stories with any type of plastic surgery or any surgery at all! There's risks with everything what you need to do is just make sure you have a kick butt surgeon that knows what he's doing. You want the best plastic surgeons for an arm lift that specialize in doing them. Are you prone to scarring?

lovetoteach 02-19-2008 12:19 PM

I'm afraid of the same things Anne. That's why I was excited when I first heard about the short-scar armlift but it doesn't sound like that works too well so if I want to fix it I will have to the real thing, a normal arm lift. I guess that's a risk though we face with any surgery whether it's cosmetic or for our health. We just have to really take that into consideration and remember that no plastic surgery procedure is foolproof, there's always risks and complications possible. When we do surgery it's just one of those things we need to accept first.

michell0012 07-25-2008 09:53 AM

yes you have a dreadfull storey but u see - i have one too.It is my neighbour who did this skin plastic urgery where she replaced her left cheek skin.It was such that a few days after th surgery - she had skin swellings which strated to pain her during skin streches !!!
How sad this can be.She didi consult her doctor but still she has to face it for some few more weeks.

EmilyRoth7 11-03-2009 12:05 PM

I think one of the most important things to do is to make sure that your comfortable with your surgeon. Having a great relationship with your doctor is the best way to ensure that your operation will go safely and smoothly.

robyne00 11-03-2009 11:21 PM

Several people I know have had this procedure and they say it is quite painful, and scarring definitely resulted.

I agree with EmilyRoth7. If you are not confident with your surgeon do not go through with anything!!! Your input is important, as you will have to contend with results, however, your surgeon's expertise should come into play as well. Perhaps he or she can ameliorate your desired results with professional opinion. If you are unhappy and your surgeon is steering you in a totally different direction, express yourself to him or her. You deserve to get what you want, and it should be carried out by a surgeon with a great degree of mastery.

Ask to see some of his or her former "successful" results. It's all relative as to what is successful vs. what is considered a disaster. Almost all surgeons photograph before, during healing, and have after photos of their clients. Ask your surgeon to see photos of people that had the same surgery, as well as pics of individuals who were in similar situations to yours.

Good luck!

la_angel 11-06-2009 06:00 PM

I think personally what I would fear the most are the scars from this surgery since there's so much cutting. The pain doesn't bother me, because no pain no gain :)

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